Hexis Silent IT

Are You Tired Of:

Overpriced IT "Solutions" ?

Spending thousands to change out hardware that is only a few years old for no reason ?

Companies that make no attempt to solve your actual problems, while costing you lots of money ?

Gimmicks, acronyms and poor service ?


How Hexis is Different:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle .... and Save

If  hardware upgrades are necessary, we will buy back your old hardware as electronic scrap, and safely dispose of it.

Affordable/Predictable Pricing

We offer a straight forward pricing scheme that leaves you as the customer in full control of your monthly IT budget.  Use the calculator below to estimate your monthly IT costs.

Full Range Service

Run your company with ease knowing the Hexis team will be able to support all of your IT needs.  From simple computer maintenance to server rebuilds, we have you covered!

Knowledge of HIPAA rules and regulations

Hexis works with many private practices and helps work alongside them to keep their business HIPAA compliant.

Secure Backup and Restore

Secure Backup and Restore


Support and Remote Assistance

Security and Virus Protection