Camera and Automation System Installation

Hexis offers affordable options for Camera and Home / Business Automation systems.


We can do all of the following including:

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • night vision cameras
  • PTZ
  • IP Cameras
  • onsite and offsite DVRs
  • offsite backup of camera footage
  • locking DVR systems
  • discreet installations

We also offer a variety of home / business automation services such as:

  • temperature control
  • internet controllable outlets
  • internet controllable light switches
  • motion detectors
  • sleek management console that you can manage yourself (onsite or hosted)
  • efficient energy monitoring
  • temperature control monitoring
  • serial controls for programming custom devices like garage doors

In addition to all of these options, we also have the ability to install these devices almost anywhere with power, even if there is no internet. So you can protect and manage your barn, shed, or storage unit.