Virtualization services and Server Migrations

When it comes to virtualization and server migrations, few companies are more well suited to handle your needs than Hexis. With years of experience in virtualization, as well as Linux and Windows server operating systems, the Hexis team can make your transition to new hardware (physical or virtual), as seamless as possible.

We employ a variety of methods for migration, as well as a wide variety of options for virtualization, including:

  • VMware P2V Migrations
  • Linux Manual Rebuilds and Migration
  • Citrix XenServer Migrations
  • ProxMox VE Server Migrations
  • Migration of Windows Server and domain controllers
  • Roles and Features Transfers
  • File Server Migrations
  • Linux Migrations to dissimilar hardware
  • Recovery and Migration of dead servers
  • Operating System Upgrades and Migration (Linux and Windows)
We can tear apart your old server room and combine everything onto a single energy efficient blade server

Or we can take them offsite completely, and run them solely in the cloud or located at our clean datacenter facility, hosted here in Wisconsin.

Virtualization can take many servers and combine them onto a single server saving you power and cooling costs.