Network Design

Hexis Consulting provides network design and consulting services to both small and large businesses in and around Wisconsin. Regardless of the size of your business we have the ability to deliver solutions when you need them and at a price that you can afford. We are staffed with experts in wired and wireless network that will ensure your network runs smoothly, no matter how big or small you are.

Our Network Consulting service offerings include:

  • Firewall Policy Design and implementation
  • Custom Router setups and configuration
  • Installation and implementation of  Wi-Fi systems
  • VLAN and Switch Configuration
  • Internet Service / Telecom Selection
  • Network Assessment
  • Custom Services by Request
We handle everything from cable management to advanced routing.

Our staff of wireless networking experts will handle advanced enterprise wireless systems, keeping them out of site and functioning at all times.

We can come up with a Wi-Fi solution whether it is in a small home office, a large building or an entire city block.

We also offer a number of affordable solutions for your switching and inter-company connectivity needs, whether that entails just a few Voip phones and PCs or a full MPLS network that connects dozens of offices.

We support almost all types of switching hardware from a wide variety of manufacturers to achieve the best solution at the best price point or update your existing setup.

MPLS_network_diagramHexis Consulting engineers come largely from long standing, self-taught networking backgrounds working on projects which have required maximum reliability and extreme budget solutions. We are free of the type of vendor-based brand loyalty that most IT and consulting firms employ – selling you half the equipment at double the cost so they can pocket commissions from their “partners”. Instead of “partnering up” with vendors to try and sell you the most expensive piece of equipment to double down on profit margins, Hexis Consulting employs extensive network evaluation and planning to get you the best solution at the best cost by whatever means necessary whether that means going with a $1000 piece of a equipment or a $50 one.

We will install the most cost effective solution that will meet your needs every time.

There is no minimum, no vendor back rubbing, no nonsense!