Linux Consulting

Hexis employs experienced Linux administrators ready to take on just about any *nix feat you can throw at us. Whether you have an old Redhat web server and want it moved onto new hardware, want to deploy a new dedicated debian web server, or just need some assistance in decoding some linux issues, Hexis can help. We provide many Linux Consultation Services including:



We support a wide range of linux operating systems and *nix derivatives. It it’s *nix based, we support it.


Many companies around the US are running on old linux servers set up by former IT people, consulting firms or vendors and when something breaks, it can be hard to decode what the issue is.


Good old Linux Print Server









Let Hexis Consulting take care of it for you. We have experience in almost every major software and application that runs on linux, no matter how old it is and we can take whatever steps necessary to rebuild and update it to ensure that it is stable and secure.