About Us

The competition enters a situation with a set of pre-fab, often overpriced solutions which often involve dozens of man hours and expensive hardware that they select based on the profit margin that they can make when reselling it.

At Hexis Consulting we do things a little differently:

  1. investigate your environment
  2. identify problems and areas for improvement and come up with a detailed plan for action that minimizes cost and maximizes reliability.

We aren’t here to sell you expensive products that do our job for us and call their tech support line when things go down, nor are we here to drop in a “one size fits all” prefabricated solution from our portfolio. We believe that every customer situation situation is a little bit different, and that any solution we present to our customers has to be one that actually solves their problems, not just creates new ones for you to pay us to come back and fix. We do things right the first time, and create forward looking solutions that often don’t require updating or maintenance for years after we install them.