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Solving real problems with real knowledge.

At Hexis Consulting we do not simply offer a set “menu" of services like your average IT consultant  we take your very real problems and plans, and analyze them to find a real solution that makes sense for your business. No prefab solutions, no “vendor loyalty", no BS. Just you, your problems, and how we are going to solve them.

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Network Design

Hexis Consulting provides network design and consulting services to both small and large businesses in and around Wisconsin. Regardless of the size of


Virtualization services and Server Migrations

When it comes to virtualization and server migrations, few companies are more well suited to handle your needs than Hexis. With years of experience in


Linux Consulting

Hexis employs experienced Linux administrators ready to take on just about any *nix feat you can throw at us. Whether you have an old Redhat web serve



Need a managed service like hosted e-mail service, Virtual Private Server, Web hosting or just want a place to run your server? We provide a comprehensive colocation selection process, taking you all the way from the design stage to colocation and configuration. Read more

Point to Point Services

Need a point to point link setup between multiple locations of your business, or your business and home? Through our extensive experience in point to point services, we can accommodate nearly any setup and get you connected on time and on budget. Read more

Linux Support

Hexis can help you replace proprietary software with Free Linux based solutions potentially savings you thousands per year. Read more


Wireless Technology is Dominating the High Speed Playing field – Let us help you navigate

https://www.forbes.com/sites/centurylink/2017/01/27/fiber-versus-wireless-which-will-win-the-bandwidth-battle/?sr_source=lift_facebook&nowelcome&utm_source=facebook&utm more...